What Are The Best Facebook Extensions For Chrome?

What Are The Best Facebook Extensions For Chrome?

Since Facebook was launched in February 2004, they’ve added over 50 software and technology features to its website and mobile app. These features are available to their over 2.9 billion monthly active users who use the app to connect with their acquaintances and carry out business activities.

However, as diverse as these features are, they offer a limited user experience. Users want to do more with the app, hence needing additional extensions to create the kind of experience they want. These extensions bring convenience and flexibility to how we use the Facebook app.

For example, you can block unwanted ads, add friends from Facebook groups, delete inactive friends, download Facebook videos, and lots more with different Facebook extensions. These are actions you cannot perform without an extension.

This article aims to highlight the top 40 best Facebook Extensions for Chrome for a great user experience and an all-around fun time with Facebook.

Enjoy it!

What Are Chrome Extensions?

A Chrome extension is a coded program that can be installed or enabled right on the Google Chrome browser, which changes the browser’s features and further modifies the browser’s existing features, making it more convenient and user-friendly.

These third-party plugins or programs aren’t primarily configured on Facebook websites. They add more functionalities and a wide range of additional features that allow you to perform your tasks easily.

The amazing thing about extensions is that they can easily be uninstalled or disabled from your Chrome browser without causing any harm whatsoever to your computer device or stored data.

What Is The Purpose of Extensions, And Why Do You Need One?

An extension should fulfil the purpose of narrowing down and defining a web user interface making the user experience personalized, easy to understand, and more user friendly. 

Essentially, extensions are usually installed to add additional functionalities and features to a browser. Still, they can also remove unwanted features or block some functionalities such as pop-up ads and other aspects of a website’s core behaviour that you don’t wish to experience.

The fact that many of the tasks we perform on the internet demand so much outside what primarily most available browsers can offer. These tasks include video downloading, saving a picture, photo editing, copying text from a site, filtering, sorting, enabling or disabling unwanted features, and much more. 

Hence, we need to sort out the best among the tons of these extensions to have the great experience we deserve in surfing the web.

How Does an Extension Work?

Extensions work to either provide new features and functions to a visited website or modify the browser’s current characteristics to better suit the user’s experience. They also block or eliminate undesirable features and functionalities, such as pop-up advertisements and other aspects of a website’s primary features that a user did not sign up for or does not want to see.

How each extension works is determined based on the developer’s configuration as to which function is to perform, whether to enable or disable a task. While some extensions function in the background, automating a specific operation, others work by adding extra icons to the right side of the address bar. This icon can be clicked on to bring up a list of extension menu options.

What’s The Difference Between an Extension And an App?

The Chrome Web Store is a repository for Google Chrome applications, extensions, and other browser customizations. You can do more with Chrome with these enhancements.

As opposed to applications, extensions work across websites and web apps; they are often active across all websites (although some are site-specific). Applications do not interact with other apps in this way; instead, they operate alone, much like a standard website.

Apps may be used to write documents, edit images, play games, listen to music, and perform a variety of other things.

Apps are classified into two types:

  1. Apps that function similarly to normal web pages (For example, Gmail or Google Calendar).
  2. Apps that function like software programs on your desktop and rely on Chrome characteristics (For example, Google Keep).

Here are some of the advantages of Chrome apps:

  1. Apps install fast, without requiring you to restart your computer or browser.
  2. When you sync applications across several computers, your apps are always available.
  3. Because apps are housed on the internet, they are always up to date.
  4. Apps will not cause your computer to crash. Close an app’s tab if you’re having difficulties using it.
  5. The app launcher makes it simple to discover and activate the app.

When you add extensions to Google Chrome, they make the websites you visit more valuable to you.

Here are a few advantages to utilizing extensions:

  1. You may use them to enhance current web apps with new functionality.
  2. On sites, you will find essential connections and information.
  3. You receive timely updates regarding certain occurrences.
  4. When they show in your address bar, you may utilize them as shortcuts.

Do I Have to Pay to Use These Extensions?

Most Extensions are free to download for the majority of browsers. However, some have paid versions, while others are basically premium. However, all the identified extensions in this article are free to download. You can simply visit the Google Chrome web store to install them.

Can Extensions Have viruses?

Some extensions can be malicious, especially those from third-party developers. Hence, there is a need to double-check the authenticity and source of the extension before you install it. You can read more on the part titled “Are Facebook extensions Safe” in the frequency asked question section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Extensions For Google Chrome

Sure, you may want to clear your curiosity about what Facebook extensions are, an app or software, how safe it is to use, etc. Interestingly, you’re not the only one on this. Why not dive in to learn more from our frequently asked questions section and help your findings much easier.

What Are Facebook Extensions?

Facebook extensions are installed or enabled plugins on your Web browser that make Facebook’s website more configurable, easy to navigate, and provide you with a better experience while Facebooking.

Why Do You Need Facebook Extensions?

Unfortunately, Facebook alone doesn’t have all of the features users desire. From being curious about who unfriended you to removing those annoying pop-up ads, downloading unwanted videos, and personalizing your experience with your Facebook page – Facebook extensions do all of that.  

There is more to what Facebook websites can offer regarding user experience. Therefore, there is a need for a Facebook extension to close this gap for users to have great satisfaction using Facebook.

How Do I Protect My Privacy And Personal Information From Facebook?

Keeping your information secure while interacting with your folks on Facebook is paramount. You might experience certain vulnerabilities relating to privacy and data breaches while using Facebook. Thus, it is important to have an extension like privacy badger installed on your Chrome that will help protect your data and information from invasion.

Are Facebook Extensions Safe?

Facebook extensions are generally safe, especially the ones from the parent browser. However, some may be detrimental to your Personal computer, particularly when you installed it from a third-party developer. Hence there is a need to double-check the authenticity of the extension source.

You can follow the few basic steps provided below to ensure your data is safe and secure:

  1. Firstly double-check the authenticity of the developer. A verified and authentic developer will have a public profile and presence.
  2. Be sure to check the number of add-on downloads it has. A safe extension should have a considerable number of downloaded users.
  3. Be well prepared by installing reliable security software beforehand. It further safeguards and limits your risk of getting infected.

How Do I Add Facebook Extensions To Chrome?

There are many types of extensions on the Chrome web store. They all perform different or similar functions. A lot of these extensions are created to help you extend the functionality of your Facebook application.

To add a Facebook extension to your Chrome browser, here are simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the Chrome web store URL at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions

Step 2: Type the name of the specific Facebook Chrome extension you want to download and press enter on the keyboard.

Step 3: Click on the extension you want to download

Step 4: Click on “add to Chrome”

Step 5: Click on “Add extension”

That’s all.

The extension is now installed and ready to use with your browser.

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Top 40 Facebook Extensions For Chrome

With several hundreds of Facebook extensions available to download, you may be left with many options in choosing which one is best to use and suits your purposes while surfing Facebook. 

In this article, we’ve solved that problem to help you make the right decision. We’ll be reviewing the best top 40 Facebook extensions for Chrome and some other browsers. So if you want to spend quality time using Facebook, you should read through to learn more!

  1. Ad Blocker For Facebook

With tons of ads that pop up every second, surfing Facebook can be disturbing, tiring, and uninteresting. With the Facebook AdBlocker tool, all pop-up sidebar ads and suggested posts can be restricted. You will make the best use of your time while surfing and feel great when you have an Adblocker extension. 

This extension further improves the browser’s speed as there would be no unnecessary graphics or video to pull it back.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Add Friends on Facebook

Apart from the usual way of sending friend requests, this extension provides additional features of automatically adding targeted friends on Facebook from relevant pages to a friends list by creating a special button like a member list.

One advantage of a tool like this is that you can use them to increase your friends’ connections and grow your reach to generate more leads and sales on Facebook with less spending on Ads. 

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. All Friends Remover For Facebook

As simple as removing friends from Facebook could be, it can sometimes be tiresome and time-consuming, especially when you manage a long list of friends. Having the right tool, such as “All Friends Remover”, can make this process easier than you could imagine. 

This Facebook extension can help you handle the task of removing those inactive friends from your numerous list of Facebook friends without having to delete your account. The action can be performed from any browser page with just a click when you have this tool enabled.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Auto TrafficBoot Facebook Tools

This is an amazing toolset to automate most Facebook features in building your audience and expanding social networks. It is designed to automate already existing Facebook functions, such as allowing you to give multiple likes, comments, sending or accepting friends requests, and lots more.

With this great tool, you can do a lot of market traffic and reach a large audience.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. BeFriend Group Mates

This is an All-in-one tool for sending bulk invites to active friends and removing inactive ones from a Facebook page, always keeping your friends list fresh. It automatically sends invites to actively engaged users in a Facebook group you belong to without manually doing it.

BeFriend Group Mates is an ideal tool to build friend lists and have a deep relationship with the right people by removing the inactive ones who engage less or with negative reactions and comments to your post.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Better Facebook + Colour Changer

You might find it too complex, or you’ve always wondered how to keep the Facebook layout simple. Or you wish to keep interacting with the page in your way. 

Guess what!

Using the Better Facebook + Colour Changer Extension, you can easily customize your Facebook layout and have a unique style of experience from page height, width, font text, and colours to other Facebook elements using the Better Facebook + Colour Changer Extension. 

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Colour Changer

Did you know you can have your Facebook page colour different from the regular theme of blue and white and make your friends wonder which platform you’re browsing? 

With the Facebook colour changer extension, you can completely rip off the boring Facebook theme and personalize your experience from the header to the footer to colour buttons, chat layout, and background colour with this amazing extension.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Dark Mode for Facebook

Setting your Facebook page to Dark mode form is another way of keeping your privacy as it limits people viewing through pages while browsing. Apart from protecting your eyes from system lighting by automatically setting the Facebook page to a dark theme with a switch, surfing Facebook in the dark or unlit room also becomes more comfortable. 

It is free to install from the Chrome web store with a few clicks.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Delete Social Media Post – FB

Controlling the activities on your Facebook pages just got easier with this extension. This Facebook extension allows you to decide what should stay on your Facebook page and what not to by deleting selected activities such as negative comments, unauthorized posts, annoying messages, unwanted photos, and videos, keeping your page as clean and positive as you want. 

In addition, it supports mass deleting of Facebook post history either by year or by month. You can select a post for a specific year or month to delete in the log, leaving the most recent and relevant ones for your audience to interact with.

Importantly, you’ll need to set the language settings of your Facebook to English (US) for this extension to work.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Facebook Email Extractor

With so many programs available on the web, it might be difficult to figure out which ones work best for retrieving emails from Facebook. 

You can extract the email addresses of your Facebook groups, pages, and posts by installing and activating this extension which you can use to build up your email list for future usage with a single click of a button. 

Check the attached link below to download this extension for free or visit the Google Chrome web store to install it.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. F.B Purity

F.B Purity is an all-in-one and widely used Facebook plugin that allows users to browse outside of the official Facebook website according to their preferences. It allows you to choose what to watch and what not to from the plethora of news feeds and articles accessible by simply concealing and unhiding them as you like. 

Hiding adverts, turning off auto-playing of games and movies, hiding similar posts, hiding annoying upcoming events, and recommending games are just a few of the functionalities of this fantastic plugin.

It also allows you to hide articles you’ve previously read, apply new themes, modify the font style, change the font size, and manage your user experience by just engaging with the specified filtered feeds and posts.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown video downloader, as the name indicates, allows you to download your favourite Facebook videos. Again, you can quickly add any photo from your Facebook feed to your gallery with this plugin by just holding down on the appropriate photo and hitting save. 

However, downloading or saving your enthralling video may look unattainable with only a click from Facebook. But there’s no need to be concerned! It just got easier than you could think in seconds with the FBDown Video Download plugin. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Click + ADD Chrome on the FBDown video downloader addon page.
  • Click the extension download icon from your Facebook page.
  • Select Video quality from the drop-down menu (Normal or HD).
  • Click the download video button to begin the download.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Facebook Demetricator

Facebook Demetricator is the addon that comes with all the magic with only a click of on and off if you want to keep your Facebook presence minimal and private from your audience.

The Facebook interface is meant to track and show your social value effect on Facebook in figures known as Facebook metrics, such as the number of friends you have, the number of likes your posts got, the comments, and the number of people who have seen your advert, and much more. 

To put it another way, Facebook Demetricator is a form of a Facebook plugin that runs in the background of your browser and hides all of these numbers from those that visit your Facebook profile.

For example, the number of likes you get for your favourite quote will normally be presented as ‘You and 56 other people like this,’ the number of common friends will be ’19 mutual friends,’ and the number of people who like an ad will be ’24, 698 people like this.’ 

You may, however, keep all of these figures and more to yourself using Facebook Demetricator and ‘You and other people like this’ becomes what people would see under your post, ‘people like this ads’ is what will be displayed on your advert and ‘mutual friends’ would be shown for the number of common friends you’ve got.

One of the interesting things about Facebook Demetricator is that as a user, you can turn it on or off as needed across all Facebook activities, including your news feed, event page, profile, pop-up advertising, and lots more.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Friend Connect

Do you ever think making money and having fun while using Facebook could be easier than your current experience? You can monetize your Facebook page by generating leads. 

While it may be difficult to connect with thousands of friends manually on Facebook – The friend connect extension does all of these processes automatically with a few clicks. It helps you connect with targeted friends by sending a request on your behalf, building up a list of friends automatically every day. With the leads generated, you can easily convert them to sales using your Facebook marketing proficiency.

It allows you to automatically send a welcoming message and start a chat with the person that accepted your request or someone that sent you a request, and you can be sure of having a conversation with the right person and not a bot.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Facebook Pixel Helper

If you do more business on Facebook, like run ads than just talk to your friends and family, this extension is the best way to keep track of your productivity.

The Facebook Pixel Helper tool allows you to quickly and easily determine whether the Facebook pixel has been properly integrated and whether all conversions and events on the campaigns are being properly monitored. 

Importantly, this plugin automatically troubleshoots in the background to check for conversions and gives you real-time feedback on how your pixel is implemented inside the adverts.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Facebook Unseen

Reading message receipts can be both helpful and hurtful. While it’s important to know if a friend has seen your last message, you could be offending a recipient if you don’t respond promptly to a seen message. Moreso, If you are the type that likes to stay hidden and keep his presence private, then this tool will be your aid.

 Facebook Unseen is the right tool to go offline from the Facebook chat if you do not want to show your online status. You need to either enable or disable the elements you want hidden or known once the extension is on.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Friend Convert

Getting the right people to interact with your post could be tiresome, stressful, and even time-consuming when you do it manually. Friend Convert is a worthwhile Facebook extension that takes care of all that. Automatically, it adds to your friend lists members of a group you belong to, making them interact with your posts once they appear on their respective timelines. 

Interestingly, this tool helps narrow down your friend list by adding targeted people to your friend list using keywords search, such as Founders, General Managers, CEOs, Executive Marketers, etc. 

So you can be sure your post is reaching the expected audience in just a few clicks. In clear terms, Facebook Convert is an extension that supports automating Facebook marketing tasks through building a friends list of interest.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

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  1. Facebook Remover Free – Delete ALL Friends

Keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook has been a part of the lives of several people around the world. While it is considered a symbol of popularity when you have a higher number of friends as your followers, it is unsafe to befriend people you barely know. Sadly, fewer of these friends interact with your posts, thus reducing your engagement rate.

A question of how you purge out the inactive friends that make up the long list and keep the true active ones that interact with your pages comes to mind. Though Facebook offers the option to unfriend anyone as you feel like, it will be an unending task on its own when you have numerous inactive friends. Clicking and removing friends one after the other could be tedious and tiring, and that’s where the Facebook Remover extension comes to play.

Facebook Removal is a plugin that allows removing all the inactive friends from the list by selecting multiple friends simultaneously. A push of a button deletes all selected ones, keeping the very active friends that engage with your page through comments, likes, and shares.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. FriendFilter

Friend filter is one extension that helps you manage your friends’ list by filtering out the less engaging ones. You may have a long list of friends, which could be difficult going through one friend at a time to identify the ones that interact with your content and the ones who are just taking up the space.

The Friends filter extension will help you scan your Facebook friends list and report the inactive ones occupying the list. With that, you can easily unfriend the less engaging ones and keep your list fresh for potential friends that will comment, give likes and share your quotes.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. FriendFunnels

Connecting with friends could be a never-ending task, especially when you have to do it manually. It can be tedious, time-consuming, ineffective, and particularly when you’ve got that long list of friends in your group.

Friends Funnels is a fantastic Facebook extension that allows you to automatically perform all of these processes with just a few setups. It automatically sends the first messages to newly accepted friends and equally sorts them according to the list you have set up earlier.

So you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs with your new friends when you have this tool handy.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  • Features summary: Automatically send messages to newly added friends on Facebook
  • Number of users: 200+
  • Browser compatibility: Google Chrome
  • Pricing: 14 days free trial

Download Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/friendfunnels/ibbihembmlhhaaekiidjaielppfhjhoc

  1. Friendomizer

With Facebook supporting adding up to 5,000 friends to connect with and allowing you to have 1,000 pending requests, building an ideal client could be bulky and difficult for most, especially when you have to carry out this process manually.

Friendomizer is a tool that eliminates this tedious process and can be used by everyone else, such as online marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs in growing their Facebook friend list.

It’s a unique extension that automates most Facebook features such as sending friend requests, removing unaccepted requests, and setting up a workflow that automatically runs daily.

You can improve your presence on Facebook quickly by leveraging the organic traffic automatically, saving you hours and allowing you to focus on other parts of your business.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Friends Feed

In the early days of Facebook, you will recall how interesting the news feed used to be a place to hang out with friends without hassles. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. 

You get tons of news feeds lined up either because an acquainted friend likes a post you liked or because a company has paid to get its content in front of your eyes. 

The Friends Feed add-on help gets rid of these excessive feeds. With this extension installed, you can be sure to see updates that originate from your friends only or posts from people and pages you actively follow.

It functions to filter out stories that your friends like, unfamiliar posts and only shows stories on your feed that are directly from a friend or pages you follow.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Group Friender

It is important to have a list of friends, but more essential to build the one that engages with your post. Achieving this could never be easy when inviting lots of friends to your Facebook page.

Group Friender extension helps automate the processes, allowing it to automatically invite multiple friends from a group and purging out the ones that never or interact less with your page. So it saves your time and money making sure to grow your Facebook group with the right audience.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Group Leads

Group Leads is a fantastic Facebook marketing tool for generating more leads and converting them into sales from your Facebook group. 

You won’t have to manually enter every new member’s details into an excel or spreadsheet and then import them into your email autoresponder. Instead, with this extension, you’ll easily build your email list with full automation and sell your products and services to the targeted audience more conveniently and quickly.

It automatically accepts new members to a group, sends them a personalized greeting message, and captures and transfers their information to your Google spreadsheet for email and other marketing deals. With this tool, you can be sure of saving your time and money and boosting your lead generation.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Hootsuite

It might be tedious to manage many accounts for a media network on your own. When it comes to saving time and stress in reaching out to your audience on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Hootsuite allows you to distribute the same content update across all networks with a single click from anywhere on the webspace.

It also has unique features that support setting when a post should go online. That is, you can easily schedule updates to a different time. It supports a maximum of three accounts using just one password.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Image Cleaner

Image Cleaner is an excellent Facebook extension that supports the mass deletion of photos from Facebook galleries. Facebook indeed allows deleting saved photos, but on an individual basis which could be tiresome when you have lots of old images.

But the image cleaner extension makes it easier and faster to delete bulk photos and videos with just a click.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Invite all friends on Facebook

As the name implies, this extension makes it easier to invite all of your friends to connect with you on Facebook at once with a click of a button.

Rather than clicking on one request after the other, you can easily send the invites at once across all your friend lists by creating an invite dialogue box and pushing the invite all button. 

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Mass Friends Remover for Facebook

As you can pick from the name, “mass friends remover for Facebook” is a Chrome extension that enables you to smartly manage your friend list on Facebook. It works to bulk delete selected friends from your Facebook friends list.

You can deselect all friends, unfriend some selected inactive friends, or all of your Facebook friends in one click. 

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, this tool allows you to switch between them with a button and manage your friends list easily and conveniently. 

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Multiple Tools for Facebook

From managing Facebook profiles to monitoring your page and keeping tabs on your group can be a task on its own, the more reason some businesses now have to engage social media managers to manage all of these activities.

However, considering the cost of hiring a social media manager, and if your business is still in the growing phase, these Facebook extension tools can be your saviour. 

Multiple tools are a type of Facebook extension specializing in automating Facebook activities such as privacy settings, downloaded messages, group requests, friend requests, etc. It creates a dashboard from which you can monitor and control all of these analytics settings.

It also provides a unique function to block seen messages and delivery marks and even shows you which other group a friend belongs to.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. My Ad Finder

You will be missing out greatly by not using this extension, especially if you are a Facebook Ad or campaign manager. Importantly, it will interest you to know that you can convert the numerous pop-ups ads appearing on your newsfeed into some marketing tools when you install this extension.

My Ad Finder is a unique Facebook extension that operates on a Google Chrome browser for free, allowing you to gather different ads on your newsfeed in an easy-to-read format stored locally on your Chrome browser. 

It automatically supports hunting, collating, and saving information from competitor’s ads such as headlines text, landing page links, a link to shopping, number of likes, and shares. 

This extension allows you to tag your favourite ads. You can also check people’s reactions to give you ideas and inspire you with strategies for your next ads campaign.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

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  1. Photo Zoom for Facebook

You may wish to have a clearer look at those friends’ pictures in your newsfeed without going through the hard work of opening the photo album or downloading it. Photo Zoom allows you to hover on a picture and have a clear look in its full size.

It functions by simply enlarging a picture and making you hover on it in its full size without having to download or save it to your gallery. You can install it on Google Chrome and Firefox for free and enjoy a great experience of Facebooking.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Privacy Badger

It can be disturbing with the level of intrusion most Facebook users get and even its non-users. If you feel uncomfortable with the way Facebook handles users’ data and wishes to keep your privacy, then this extension locks all that for you. 

Privacy Badger is an extension that prevents third-party advertisers from preying on your data, including Facebook. It’s free to install with over a million users and performs excellently well in protecting your personal information from websites such as Facebook and every other site.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  • Features summary: Block third-party advertisers from collecting users’ personal information
  • Number of users: 1M+
  • Browser compatibility: Google Chrome; Opera; Firefox; Edge
  • Pricing: Free
  • Download Extension:


  1. Share Button for Facebook

Share Button for Facebook is a simple Facebook plugin that allows you to share that interesting quote or outstanding article you found on the web directly to your Facebook post without logging in or visiting your Facebook page.

In other words, you may use this Facebook extension to share any webpage text, links, or photos on Facebook by right-clicking on any desired text or image and selecting share on Facebook to post directly to your Facebook page while you continue with your search.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Share to Facebook

This is similar in function to the tools discussed above. It is another form of Facebook extension that enables sharing web content directly to your Facebook page, a group you belong to, or even to a messenger chat.

Sharing interesting content that gets your audience to always want more and keeping them engaged right from anywhere you are. Browsing just got easier and more fun when you have this tool enabled on your browser.

When you find a quote worthy of sharing, you can simply highlight all of the text and right-click your mouse to bring out the Facebook sharing dialogue box and choose between sharing to your timeline, to a group page, or instant messenger.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook blocks ads on your newsfeed and unwanted posts. This extension also filters posts to the most recent, helps you add new themes, and sets the user interface to dark mode, among other customization of the Facebook page. 

It allows you to control both the right and left panel on the Facebook page where most sponsored posts are posted to go hidden, keeping only the recent post and hiding posts that you already read.

It’sIt’s a tool that offers a list of features to get more customization out of Facebook and is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Themes & old version

This is a one-of-a-kind free Facebook plugin that provides users with many customizing choices.

If you’re the kind that still prefers the old Facebook layout, this tool allows you to set your Facebook layout to an older memory. It also allows you to choose a theme and set your page to live wallpapers from various add-ons.

Even though every review for this extension is favourable, it only has over 4,000 downloads.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Video Downloader Professional

Perhaps you came on some fantastic video material while surfing Facebook, and you got stuck on how to download it.

Video downloader professional is the Facebook extension that can help. It’sIt’s a free plugin that makes downloading your favourite videos from any website, including Facebook, possible, simpler, and smarter.

It’sIt’s a fascinating Facebook extension to install with over 300,000 users and a positive review of five-star ratings from happy customers.

Main Features & Specifications Summary

  1. Remove Friends on Facebook

This Facebook extension is a fantastic tool that allows you to eliminate a huge number of inactive friends at once, leaving just those who are actively engaged with the page on your friend list. Inactive friends can be found, selected, deleted, or unfriended with a single click.

We recommend picking no more than 50 friends every day, going by Facebook’s rules. The intervals between deletions, on the other hand, can be programmed.

Main Features & Specifications Summary


You just discovered the best Facebook Extensions For Chrome. Whether you choose to keep yourself entertained or for business purposes, Facebook extensions can be an unbeatable tool you’ll need if you want to have the best experience surfing the internet.

While some extensions are seen focusing on the look, feel, and themes, others are designed to improve the user experience, add features, and could re-define features like feed, chats, and messages.

With Facebook extensions, you can do a lot, from blocking annoying ads to controlling what should appear on your news feed, unfriending inactive friends, downloading your favourite videos, and managing leads as media marketers. Feel free to use one or combine any of these extensions to enjoy the best Facebook experience.

Lastly, it goes without saying that as helpful as extensions are, there are tons of useless ones on the web store. They can be unreliable, consume your precious time, take up space, and sometimes be hazardous to your computer systems. So, it always helps to read reviews from existing users and test them before settling for any Facebook chrome extension.

Friend Convert lets you add targeted friends from any Facebook group. With Friend Convert, you can automatically build your friend’s list with the right people, so you can grow an engaged audience and connect with them on a much deeper level. Try it FREE for 7 days.

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